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Our first European Conference on Dignity for the Frail Old at Solstrand, Bergen, Norway, with participants from 23 nations, inspired us. At this special conference all of the participants became speakers. Through the work in solution groups we developed the Solstrand Commitments, focusing on specific targets for improvement in securing dignity for frail older people in Europe.

Providing and ensuring proper care for the rapid increasing number of frail old is a major challenge to all European societies. There is a lack of proper long term care concepts and facilities. The need for improvement of home care is imminent. We need new concepts, cooperation, competence and focus on all levels, locally, nationally and European, both for formal and informal care givers.

Now we want to spread, implement and extend the message, by: 

• Organizing a scientific meeting of European experts in Vienna, June 2012, hosted by the Austrian Red Cross. 
• Working at a European level to share knowledge and skills about long term care
• Wishing to contribute to a European dialogue about Dignity for frail older people
• Include committed members from different European countries, and organize an extended network meeting in the Fall of 2013. 

We hope to receive information about local, national or European activities of general interest, and wish eveyone dedicated to this work,  strength and improvement in the work for Dignity for frail older people.

Please use the Solstrand report. Further copies can be ordered rom The Dignity Center - bergen@dignityold.com