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From Dilemmas to Solutions?

The findings of the Solstrand Conference are reflected in the Solstrand Commitments, stated below. These Commitments will guide and nurture the work of the Dignity network.

The Solstrand Commitments

The Dignity Network will
* advocate to remove all barriers that prevent good care: discriminating policies, lack of 
   professional training, lack of adequately trained staff, limited availability and 
* work towards creating a society that cares
* advocate for compassionate and need-driven care
* fight abuse of elderly and frail people
* help create a positive image of old people and aging
* require that people have a choice of „where to be cared for and where to die“
* contribute and monitor that all European countries develop and execute 
   comprehensive plans for palliative care
* work towards establishing European standards for high quality care
* stress the necessity to address the needs of caregivers and caretakers alike
* advocate to give old people a stronger voice in our societies
* fight for the dignity of old, frail and dying persons