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Lectures and Presentations

From keynote speakers and discussants at the Solstrand Conference.

Sarah Stone, Deputy Commissioner, Older People's Commission for Wales, in Session 1, Sept. 2. Opening remarks.

Begoña Román, Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Barcelona, at Sept. 2.: Human Rights and 'Ageism': Dignity at stake.

Harvey Max Chochinov, Professor of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba, Canada, at Sept. 2: Dignity: its meaning and need.

Alexandre Kalache, MD, PhD, New York Academy of Medicine, International Center for Policies on Ageing, Rio de Janeiro, in Session 4, Sept. 3.: Good care: Criteria, quality, competence, attainability?

Bettina Husebø, PhD, Clinical Director at the Bergen Red Cross Nursing Home, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bergen, in Session 5, Sept 3: The dying old, death as a fact of life.

Sheila Payne, vice president of EAPC, in Session 5, Sept. 3. For ppt-presentation - and manuscript: Caregivers for dying older people: an investment for the future. 

Enric Benito, Hospital Joan March, Mallorca, in Session 5, Sept. 3.: Meeting severe ill and dying elderly patients - Spirituality and mind - incl. ppt-presentation.

Robin Youngson, Clinical Director at Waitake Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, in Session 6, Sept. 4.: Re-humanising the role and interaction of Care givers.

Win Tadd, Reader Cesagen, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, in Session 6, Sept. 4.: The role and interactions of caregivers.

Stein Husebø, Director, Dignity Center - Care for the Old, in Session 7: Decision making in care for frail older people.

Erling Dahl jr, former Director at the Edvard Grieg Museum, Troldhaugen,  in Session 8, Sept. 5.: A new awakening. Arts theme: Morning mood.

Bengt Westerberg, President of the Swedish Red Cross, former Minister of Social Affairs, in Session 9., Sept. 5.: Dignity for the frail old in a mature society